【Episode:Strong and Gentle】

A Kid named A, Grade 4 at elementary school, have been on Karate training since he was only 5 years old. He was taught by the Karate Master not to kick or punch his friends because you are already a SAMURAI. A truly strong person would never be violent to people.

One day, he was being bullied by a rough boy.

A’s mother encountered the scene unexpectedly. She kept watching his son being bullied patiently, about 30 minutes.
And then, A came to unbearable to it, what he did is, a very strong upper kick to the rough boy!

Kids were totally upset and ran away at full speed!

The mother said to the Master, ‘See!? My boy did it!’

The Demonstration of Nunchuk and upper kick. Very beautifully kicks are made.

We KenshiKaikan directs not only Karate. Kids will be able to handle Nunchuk very well.