Toddler Class

【Episode: Strong and Gentle】
A Kid named A, Grade 4 at elementary school, have been on Karate training since he was only 5 years old. He was taught by the Karate Master not to kick or punch his friends because he was already a SAMURAI. A truly strong person would never be violent to people. One day, he was being bullied by a rough boy…>>>

Adult Class

【Episode:A sound mind is found in a sound body】
A Kid named K was on Karate training since he was at elementary school. Because, her mother wanted him to gain a healthy body as K suffered from asthma. Since he moved up to Junior High School, it got harder for him to keep up with training as he could not breath enough. Often he had to stop training and had to rest. His older friends had been watching him suffering, he said to K, ‘K, you…>>>

【Episode:A Karate Master and Mobsters!】
Long time ago…there was a rowdy boy who was on Karate training. One night, he was taken to the office where so many mobsters are awaiting for him to beat up. His mother rushed into calling to the Karate Master for a help. ‘Master, please help my boy!’…>>>

【Episode:Parental affection superior to a heart to yearn for the parent】
A Kid named N was a truant at Juniour High School, and he left high school before graduation too. And his aunt asked the Karate Master for an advise ‘Being honestly to you. N hits his mother…what can we do?’ So the Master decided…>>>