What is KenshiKaikan?【剛柔一体】

Our KARATE is a total Budo as we direct you thrusting, kicking, Ju-Jutsu, AikiDo kind throwing, grappling techniques, all the Budo methods as synthesis KARATE.

Through the ordinary training, we learn ‘courtesy’,’courage’,’energy’ and ‘ spirit’.
At the same time you will obtain ‘self‐defense skill’ too.

Anyone is welcome to our Organization, kids, ladies and even elder persons.

We give full-contact Karate match, public demonstrations, and attending other Orgs Karate Competitions.


We named thrusting and kicking techniques as ‘Ju-no-Waza’, especially we train thrusting in the middle just like Kenpo.
You do not put out your elbow when your other arm thrusting that is not usual in KARATE method, we train boxing-like thrusting.

【Bending Metal Baseball Bat By Kicking】


We named throwing and holding as ‘Katame-Waza’, we train Stand-Joint-locking, throwing, holding, strangleholding like Aikido or Judo.
When you move up to higher level, entrainment method and Secret aperture attacking etc will be instructed.


We train Nunchuk, Sai, Tonfa, Jo, Three-Section-Stuff, Shuriken, Authentic Japanese Swords too.
【Demonstration of Three-Section-Stuff】


You will have to buy supporters for your hand and legs, costs about 6,000 Yen.
Dogi which is the white uniform ‘Keikogi’ is not included.

【 Tools Ordinary Used】
Keikogi uniform
Supporter for Hand
Supporter for legs
Supporter for lower half of body(For Male up to Elementary School Grade 3)

When we have competition, we classify the disciples as below.
However, when on ordinary training, we do not classify by age in order to know each other.
Each Dojo has its rules so please make a contact first.

●3 years old to kindergarten kids
●Elementary School kids(Grade 1-2, 3-4, 5-6)
●Junior High School
●High School kids to Adults

We KenshiKaikan give full-contact ruled competitions and public demonstrations, join to other Orgs competitions so you will have so much chance to know how strong you are being. Rules are applied to each level.
Head gear will be rent.