The 18th KenshiKaikan RANDORI match will be held.


We’d be happy to inform you that we will give a RANDORI match, the 18th.

DATE: Sun. 13th Nov. 2016
場所:野田市総合公園体育館剣道場(〒278-0043 千葉県野田市清水958)
Place: Kendo-Jo at Gymnazium of Noda So-Go Park (958, Shimizu, Noda-City, Chiba Pref. Japan)
Sponsership: KenshiKaikan Organization
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May 13, 2016

Hello! All the English Readers!

KenshiKaikan is the most massive Karate organization that located in around Noda-city in Chiba Pref. Japan.

There are some Karate orgs in Japan, our colour is not only the Karate as sports but also it is for fight. If you would really and seriously like to be the strongest one both in physical and mental, you should choose KenshiKaikan for your training.

Our Karate is not a normal style, you can find ‘For Foreigner’s Karate-kind thing’ in everywhere, but if you learn with us you would be able to obtain skills that even how to handle Japanese traditional swords in right manners.

You do not need to have Japanese speaking ability, your body would learn our Karate steadily.

Are you ready for devoting yourself in Karate and Bushido for a few years with us?


Head Master Mr. M. Nozawa

PS. We would appreciate if you could wait for the reply for a few days. Your Inquiry will be passed to the Karate Masters via webmaster.