Our multilingual website has been opened!

Hello again,

We have finally come to open English website!

They are all translated in English by hand and you can read ours by Chinese, Frenchi, Korean, Portuguese, and Supanish too.

Please learn more about us KenshiKaikan and make a contact if you would like a further information!
Looking forward to meeting at our DOJO, where only the SAMURAIs gather.



Head Master Mr. M. Nozawa

2016年5月14日 | カテゴリー :

English website will be coming soon!

Thank you for visiting our website.

We are now creating English site for foreign viewers!

Within 2 weeks the site will open, so please come back to our site, KARATE KenshiKaikan.

We welcome you to train with us, our Dojo is around Noda City in Chiba Pref and Saitama Pref etc.

If you really want to be a superhuman being then you do not choose other Dojo, just choose us.

You will be on training not only Karate but also Nunchuk, Three-section-stuff, even Japanese authentic swords.

Bushido is found here in Noda.

Best Wishes,


Head Master Mr. Nozawa







総合カラテ 拳志会館

2016年4月28日 | カテゴリー :